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 Pindus Battlefield Event

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PostSubject: Pindus Battlefield Event   Sat May 23, 2009 5:53 pm

I know a lot of you are new and have no idea what this event is or even what you do, therefore I'm going to explain it to you ^^.

Rewards if faction wins-
800 reputation

When is it?
Every Wednesday and Saturday (i will usualy let you know when its starting)

What to do?

Ok, you go to the battlefield transporter in Sparta hes right next to the normal transporter you cant miss him. Talk to the transporter and click on the option that says ''Go to Pindus Battlefield''

When you get there you arrive in the Spartans camp, on the outskirts of the camp there are a lot of monsters, find a monster that is around your level MUST BE AROUND YOUR LEVEL, the monster will drop life essence. Collect a couple of these life essences and take them back to camp.
In the camp talk to the npc called [Sparta]Pointiff
Talk to him and click on ''Official Position'' then click on ''Exchange Life Essence For Holy Water''
Ok this is the part that might be the hardest, the objective is to drop the holy water off in an Athenian well on the athenian side, to do this you have to get pass the athenians. So you run to the well drop off holy water, go back to camp exchange holy water for life essence again and etc...
The faction that has dropped off more holy water in the well wins.
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Pindus Battlefield Event
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